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Top Payment Gateways in India

The financial transaction landscape in India has evolved drastically in the wake of digital transactions with the advancement of technology. The ability of payment gateways that enable smooth online transactions is now being recognised while traditional payment methods take a sideline. 

In an era emphasizing reduced physical contact, currency and cards have evolved, giving rise to the prominence of e-wallets, UPI, and net banking. This shift is fueled by the convenience and ease these methods offer in financial transactions.

One essential service provided by e-commerce websites is online payment. Immediately upon adding your desired items, you switch to payment alternatives. Once you submit your information, your website sends you to a third-party site called Payment Gateway. These gateways serve as mediators to the e-commerce websites.x

Facilitating the safe transfer of funds from your bank account to the merchant’s account, payment gateways ensure prompt and secure transactions. 

India has come a long way with some incredible payment gateways that we will dive deeper into this blog.


RazorPay stands as a trailblazer, aiming to provide a hassle-free user experience through its payment gateway. With a zero annual maintenance charge, it offers a transparent fee structure, making it a popular choice. Supporting various international cards and boasting 24/7 customer support, RazorPay emerges as a frontrunner in the Indian digital payment sphere.


Having served over 3.5 Lakh satisfied customers, PayUMoney is synonymous with trust. With a user-friendly interface and reasonable transaction fees, it caters to the needs of businesses and individuals alike. The support for international cards and quick settlement days further adds to its appeal.


Featured by reputable platforms like TechCrunch and YourStory, Cashfree shines as a technologically advanced payment gateway. With zero transaction fees and support for more than 20 currencies, it caters to businesses with global reach. Its quick settlement process and reliable customer support further solidify its position in the digital payment ecosystem.


Paytm, a household name in India, has extended its reach as a renowned digital wallet. With zero setup and annual maintenance charges, it offers a cost-effective solution for businesses and individuals. Its user-friendly interface and next-day withdrawal feature make it a preferred choice for many.


PhonePe has revolutionized the digital payment landscape with its user-friendly mobile wallet. Offering quick transactions, secure payments, and multi-platform accessibility, it has become a household name in India. With zero setup fees and annual maintenance charges, PhonePe continues to empower millions of users in their digital transactions.


PayGlocal takes a global approach, offering seamless transactions for businesses with international aspirations. With varied setup charges and transaction fees, it supports a wide range of international cards. Its commitment to secure payments and cross-border transactions positions it as a significant player in the Indian payment gateway arena.


Stripe has made its mark globally and has seamlessly integrated into the Indian digital payment landscape. With support for various international cards and a transparent fee structure, it caters to businesses with global aspirations. Its reliability, security features and ease of integration make it a preferred choice for businesses of all sizes.


CCAvenue emerges with a stream of helpful features, providing a secure and robust payment gateway for online businesses. With varying setup fees based on merchant types and support for international cards, it accommodates a wide range of businesses. Weekly settlements and multi-currency support contribute to its popularity.


In the realm of global payments, PayPal stands tall, available in over 200 countries. Offering support for numerous currencies and free annual maintenance, it remains a preferred choice for businesses with an international clientele. Its commitment to customer support and daily auto-withdrawal enhance its appeal.


Trusted by Indian giants like Jabong and BookMyShow, PayUbiz positions itself as a reliable payment gateway. With varied setup charges and transaction fees based on plans, it caters to businesses of all sizes. Support for international cards and quick settlement days adds to its credibility.

Atom Paynetz

Not just a payment gateway, Atom Paynetz provides a spectrum of payment solutions such as robust security protocols, seamless integration options, real-time transaction monitoring, and user-friendly interfaces. With support for various international cards and a nominal setup fee, it caters to businesses with diverse needs. Zero withdrawal fees and multiple platform availability contribute to its versatility.

E-Billing Solutions

E-Billing Solutions excels in providing a multitude of payment options and the ability to design multilingual payment web pages. With a free first-year maintenance charge and support for international cards, it facilitates a seamless user experience. Quick settlement process with widespread mobile platform availability add to its allure.

Online businesses’ ability to succeed in the constantly changing world of digital payments greatly depends on their choice of payment gateway. All of the above gateways cater to different business models and client preferences, each bringing certain qualities to the table. These payment gateways act as pillars for India’s digital advancement, enabling individuals and companies to move confidently and easily across the digital economy. As the digital horizon presents new possibilities and opportunities, stay tuned for ongoing updates in this dynamic arena.

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