Top 7 HR Toolkits

HR Toolkits are the game changers. The increase in its popularity and the widespread use of toolkits across several firms in the market indicates how convenient and comprehensive these are. These ready-to-use HR templates save firms from the tiresome and lengthy process of drafting the templates. There are a lot of toolkits available in the market, and choosing the right, and the best one can be a difficult task. Here are a few toolkits that can be the right choice for your business.

  • Turbo Hire
  • HR Tech
  • SHRM
  • HR Toolkit Box
  • UBS
  • Crove


9Toolkit is the ultimate toolkit for startups and other businesses, providing them with anything and everything required to create their office. It offers premium ready-to-use HR templates with frequent updations. Not just HR, 9Toolkit also offers startup and design toolkits. 9Toolkit offers various templates across domains, like hiring, onboarding, training, employee engagement, etc.   

2. Turbo Hire

It is a one-stop destination for all your HR templates and checklist. Curated by experts in the industry. Their templates have comprehensive coverage and include all information required to attract talent. They offer checklists, one of the latest inclusions in HR documents, convenient, time-saving, and comprehensive. As suggested by the name, Turbo Hire specializes in hiring and recruitment. It offers recruitment automation software with more than 59 features across ten hiring modules.

3. HR Tech

It offers the right HR Tech solutions for your business based on your needs. They work along with talented advisors to develop HR Tech solutions that address the challenges faced by your firm. The objective is to support your autonomous HR process management. Their documents cover wide topics. They provide services like HRTech Trends; it’s basically where people share articles and blogs on the latest trends in the industry. HRTech Advisory is about identifying the problems, finding solutions, and helping in their implementation. HRTech Marketplace; it’s a marketplace of HRTech solution providers to enable enterprises to choose the best solution for their needs.


Their mission is to empower people and workplaces by advancing HR practices and maximizing human potential. It offers toolkits with a handy indexed listing of the most common workplace conflicts and solutions. SHRM toolkits compile resources, articles, and other valuable data on a particular HR topic. They provide a general overview of a topic and a link to detailed information. 

5. HR Toolkit Box

All-in-One Documentation Package for Entrepreneurs, Companies, HR Experts, and Students. Provides access to a library of extensive HR documents that can serve HR needs ranging from recruitment to dismissal. Their toolkit is specific to India, UAE, UK, and USA. Nevertheless, it is still to achieve global applicability. They also offer custom templates upon request. They try to cultivate an entrepreneurial culture that inspires us to focus our skills and talents to help our customers spend less time working. 

6. UBS

UBS enables you can to manage your entire business through a single interface. The system will bridge the gap between your people and processes, eliminating inconsistencies that drain productivity and cause resistance. The sole purpose of UBS is to make business administration – easier than ever before. HR Toolkit Is An All-In-One Platform For Government-Compliant HR Documents. They offer the freedom to customize the documents as per your needs. UBS exists to simplify corporate administration more than ever. You can stimulate collaboration, boost productivity, and macro-monitor performance thanks to its integrated processes. They have 300+ templates. 

7. Crove 

Crove allows you to automate repetitive documents. With their pre-made templates, HR forms, eSignatures, and user-friendly application that saves time and stress, Crove assists you in navigating the paperwork, whether hiring or firing. It provides features, like variables and logical conditions to design your templates. Their auto-generation feature is a time saver. It is highly customizable and has very wide coverage with around 1750+ documents. 

HR Toolkits are very important when it comes to providing the necessary information for consistent action. It is a one-stop solution for all organizational problems. It allows management to dedicate time to more critical matters in the firm. It also saves the management from the tiresome task of setting up organizational policies. The multiple options available will always make the firm stand one step ahead in terms of documentation. The pre-written FAQs are the best source for conducting surveys based on culture, professional development, onboarding, employee engagement, and satisfaction. The efficiency of HR teams does not matter if you have a toolkit. In today’s business scenario, HR is not merely human resources but includes other aspects of business like talent acquisition. With these newly invested responsibilities, a toolkit can be helpful to HR employees.

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