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Top 6 HR Agencies In Mumbai

As the most precious resource a business can have, human resources play a significant role in being a top producer. The rapid evolution of HR practices has seen many changes in the trends of modern business and corporate demands as well. For example, companies are now moving away from traditional annual performance review systems to more flexible criteria-based systems which provide employees with continuous feedback on their performances. In addition, businesses must organize and categorize tasks into departments and create job titles to create a transparent organizational scheme and hierarchy.

Additionally, there exist several roles specific to management positions. For example, functional managers oversee the work of others (as opposed to operational managers who are primarily concerned with profit). For a business structure to be ideal, it must have both set up systems that uphold high standards and practices.

This article has selected the most long-lasting firms with experience that provide best-in-class human resources services in Mumbai.

1. Focus Management Consultants Pvt.- It is a renowned recruitment provider. They are one of India’s leading recruitment solutions companies and possess vast experience in the field. They offer a wide range of outsourcing services like recruitment, staffing, executive search, and contract employment. Their services help you achieve the goals set by your employer through creative strategies and processes, thereby giving your business the edge over its rivals.

2. Shella Consulting- It has become synonymous with the recruitment industry. They’ve helped shape a more proper, high level of staffing quality by increasing productivity and attracting expert-level talent into their corporate offices. In addition, they’re specialists in finding employees for employers through testing, interviewing, and assessment methods that back up all of their promises of flawlessness. As a result, Shella will be able to expedite your hiring process.

3. Innovsource- It has provided HR solutions to eCommerce, retail, backward integration, and third-party logistics customers for the past decade. Innovsource has deployed associates in more than 1000 locations across 15 industry sectors who may have provided various services ranging from requirements mapping and recruitment to human resources planning. Payroll Management, training, or skilling can also be part of the service delivery by Innovsource, which is currently managed through 300+ offices located in 16 states across India. In addition to this reach across the country, Innovsource also offers Integrated HRIS as a product and solution for turnkey Human Resources.

4. SutraHR- It is one of Asia’s best HR consultancy services and is the pioneer for start-up hiring in India. They work within two modules; Off-site resources are their best recruitment firms which operate out of SutraHR’s office, and dedicated resources are their recruiters who deploy to work out of clients’ offices.

5. Strategy- It is an HR company that operates on the fundamental principles of “4P” – pride in what they do, passion for their work, the practicability of their solutions, and participation in solving their client’s issues as a part of their internal processes. They help businesses build good talent management programs by operating as an extension of their business and offer tailored solutions to the company’s specific needs.

6. AIRA Consulting- It is an international consulting firm specializing in bringing together SMEs; this company is based out of India with a local office in Canada. They help their clients worldwide keep track of their professional and financial situations to make informed plans for the future.


These are the agencies that one can reach out to for the crucial part of any business, the human resource.  Every business should place a high priority on having a dedicated HR team and providing them with the tools and techniques necessary to streamline and simplify their everyday tasks. For your business, our HR Toolkit can help you manage HR more quickly and efficiently.

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Sagar Singh

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