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Top 5 HR Agencies In Kolkata

As the most important asset to an organization, human resources are paramount to success. The rapid evolution of HR in India has seen shifts in modern business practices and corporate demands. For example, companies have started shifting from a traditional annual performance review system to more flexible criteria-based systems, which allow for continuous feedback for teams and individuals. As such, it is crucial for businesses to organize jobs into departments as well as create job titles that will enable a clear organizational scheme and hierarchy. Additionally, there exist several roles specific to management positions, such as functional managers who are tasked with overseeing the work of others (as opposed to operational managers who are primarily concerned with profit). With these essential business structures in mind, this article has selected the 5 most ideal firms in Kolkata that provide best-in-class HR services and remain committed to upholding their standards at all times.

1. Matrix Manpower Solutions– It is one of the best placement agencies in Kolkata. The staffing and HR services firm specializes in mid to senior-level non-IT recruitment and professional services recruitment. The niche areas encompass middle to senior-level business consultants, sales managers, account management executives, hard-working individuals for back-office credit control, executive assistants, and a lot more.

2. Netquo Services They take pride in providing innovative solutions to partners by understanding what’s needed and finding the best possible ways to get there. They provide deep assessments of people that matter most to us and match them up with like-minded people in their network, thus making the experience both enriching for all involved parties.

3. Sedulous Tech Solutions LLP (STS) It has been around for 7 years. In that span of time, it has also become one of the top providers in the market – from being acquired by small businesses needing website design and e-commerce strategy to amassing multiple loyal clients across industries.

4. Alliance Recruitment Agency It assists organizations in finding the right talent to meet their needs. They do this by capitalizing on a broad network of recruiters who specialize in different sectors and geographies and are located in over 25 countries all over the world.

5. Gig4UIt is a marketplace of work performed at the company level and by freelancers. They believe in favoring flexibility, independence, and workload control which leads to the best outcomes for those looking to hire or offer services. You can join them and the community of thousands that have benefited from becoming a Gig4U member.


These are the agencies that one can reach out to for the crucial part of any business, the human resource.  Every business should place a high priority on having a dedicated HR team and providing them with the tools and techniques necessary to streamline and simplify their everyday tasks. For your business, our HR Toolkit can help you manage HR more quickly and efficiently. 

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Sagar Singh

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