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Startup consultation involves providing expert guidance and strategic advice to businesses. The goal is to help startups navigate challenges, optimize growth, and achieve long-term success.

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Startup Toolkit

Boost your startup with 9Toolkit, offering tailored HR, Sales, Finance, Marketing, and Design support for entrepreneurs and businesses.

Student Toolkit

Discover our HR and Sales Toolkits with comprehensive policies, guidelines, and SOPs for students and aspiring professionals.

HR Toolkit

Our HR Toolkit includes templates and guidelines for recruitment, onboarding, performance, payroll, and compliance.

Sales Toolkit

Our Sales Toolkit includes follow-up emails, LinkedIn messages, strategic policies, standardized processes, and effective learning material.

Design Toolkit

The Design Toolkit offers resources, templates, and best practices to help managers and designers build great products.

finance Toolkit

Explore our Finance Toolkit for efficient transactions and accelerated business growth, empowering your success.

Marketing Toolkit

Our marketing toolkit offers tools to plan, execute, and measure campaigns, driving growth and customer relationships.

Operations Toolkit

Our operations toolkit provides templates, guides, and best practices to streamline processes and ensure operational excellence.