NOC Application Format and Purpose

A “No Objection Certificate,” often known as a “NOC,” is a formal document that advises the individual or organization that they are ready to proceed with the requested action. An organization may request a NOC for a variety of reasons. In that scenario, the individual must submit an application for a NOC. Learn how to write one by reading the blog.

No Objection Certificate Application – Format and Purpose

The professional letter format is used when submitting an application for a NOC. Apart from the components that are required for a professional letter, the accompanying list outlines the precise aspects that must be addressed.

  • Address the letter to the appropriate person with the power to grant you a NOC.
  • Fill out the application with all of your personal details.
  • Make it clear what your petition for a NOC is for.

The following could be the goal of submitting an application for a No Objection Certificate:

  • While looking for a new job,
  • To enroll in a course or to begin training
  • To obtain a visa
  • In order to register for GST,
  • To proceed with a planning process

Example of NOC Application Format

Below are some examples to assist you to learn how to write a NOC application. Check them out.

NOC Application for Applying for a New Job




#Designation of the person#

#Organization name#

Sub:- Application for NOC 

Greetings, Madam/Sir.

As previously stated, I am writing to notify you that I have decided to apply for the role of #position/role in the organization # at # name of the organization # in # place #. I’ve learned that a NOC from the existing employer must be supplied with the other paperwork to complete the application procedure.

I submitted my resignation on # date # and am presently serving my notice period. I would like to request that you provide the wage slip, relieving letter, and character certificate, together with the NOC, by #date #, #year #. Please take my request into consideration and provide the aforementioned documents.

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely 

#your name#


Questions and Answers about the NOC Application Format

  1. Is it necessary to obtain a NOC before leaving a company?

Absolutely, the individual will want a NOC from their present employer if they are departing. To obtain a NOC, the employee must send a letter to the company’s HR department. You must state your reason for leaving as well as any pertinent information.

  1. How can we write a letter of request for NOC?

To compose a letter of request for a NOC in the application, you must use the official letter format, and you must provide the reason for the granting of the NOC. Provide all pertinent information.

  1. What is the significance of a NOC?

A NOC is a vital document that may be required to complete a variety of operations. It is a document supplied by the employer to demonstrate that they have no objections to the employee quitting his or her existing position. It is also a letter demonstrating that they are qualified to work in any organization.

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